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Heat Press: Custom T-Shirt Heat Press Vinyl Multi Color Heat Applied Vinyl T shirt

Custom Vinyl T-Shirt
Custom Vinyl T-Shirt

Multi Color Vinyl T-Shirt


Sometimes screen printing or direct to garment digital printing is not the best option for a limited run t-shirt order.  We’ve been experimenting with using a multiple vinyl overlay technique.  The T-Shirt pictured here was created with 5 different precision cuts of vinyl.  We are using a custom t-shirt heat press vinyl with multi-color vinyl.  This is our first attempt at this, and it looks pretty cool.  There are some registration issues as you might note, but you could almost view it as stylistic if you wanted to stretch a bit.

We’re going to keep at this concept and try a few new techniques for tightening up the registration on this vinyl design and others.  This T-Shirt was heat pressed 6 different times to lay down each layer in the proper order.

The most difficult part of this test was to determine which areas of each color vinyl to weed and which to leave in place, as well as to determine how the registration would work for the black outline color.  One heat press operator is almost not enough to stretch the t-shirt in the way it needed to be stretched in order to accomplish the registration that you see in this photo.

We believe that the secret to this type of project is going to end up being in how the registration is done.  This registration is tight, but we think laying vinyl on top of vinyl is the better option.

So far … we think it’s pretty cool.

Credit for this artwork goes to Any Vector (Note this product is not for sale and all rights to the image belong to Any Vector.  This design was used for proof of concept and not for resale.