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Ironic T-Shirts: Paul McCartney and the Beatles

It’s hard to hate the Beatles. Some people are genuine in their dislike for them, but then there’s the type who sport ironic t-shirts just to get a rise out of people. One of those people? Paul McCartney.


Clearly a professionally taken, tongue-in-cheek picture, it’s great to see celebrities make light of themselves—even if the rest of us might not agree with the sentiment.

But if you’re interested in being just as ironic as Paul (or if you—gasp—genuinely do hate the Beatles), we have a version of this tee ready to go!

Printed on a charcoal black triblend tee by Bella + Canvas, this white-inked tee is a comfortable blend of polyester, cotton and rayon.

Interested in getting 12 of these for Beatles-hating friends and family? Want to really anger your brother who won’t stop listening to the Abbey Road medley on repeat? This shirt can be yours for $13.99 if you order a minimum of 12. That’s only $167.88 for a bulk order of high quality tees!


And for this specific hateful tee, we’ve got a special one-off price that you can find in our online blog store. For $20.99 plus shipping, this shirt can be yours.

Now all we need is him wearing a “Paul is Dead” tee, and we’ve really got some irony.

Have a question about the t-shirt? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-ts.com. We’ll be happy to help.

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