Custom Foil Printing T Shirts

Custom Foil Printing T Shirts

One of the most interesting and compelling design elements for today’s T-Shirt designs is the addition of specialty fabric foils.  Similar to the gold, red and silver foils that are typically seen in retail packaging for everything ranging from tooth paste to hair care products, the use of foil can enhance t-shirt designs, truly bringing them to the next level.  Custom Foil Printing T Shirts can add the extra special kick that you are looking for to distinguish your T-Shirt from the rest.

Foil screen printing is a specialty that is offered by AMBRO Manufacturing to complement our complete garment decoration offerings, enabling our customers the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all of their garment embellishment requirements.

When planning your foil screen printing project, it’s important to consider the following aspects of any fabric foil embellishment.

foil screen printing Custom Foil Printed T Shirts

Custom Foil Printing T Shirts Considerations

    •  Not every fabric or garment layout is suitable for the application of foil.  The following items can not be used when requesting foil screen printing:
      • Foam (Trucker Hats, Beverage Holders etc …)
      • Polypropylene (Promotion quality tote bags etc …)
      • Some Polyester/Rayon Blends
      • Water Proofed Fabrics
      • Any application that requires that you bridge a seam of a garment
    • Projects using any standard screen printing ink types (Plastisol, Discharge, Acrylic) can be used in combination with foil decoration.  This means that you can mix and match design elements for a Multi Media effect.
      • Foil + Screen Printing Inks — YES!
      • Foil + Dye Sublimation — YES!
      • Foil + Embroidery & Applique — YES!
    • There are many custom foil colors and special effects available.  Standard colors, golds and silvers, hologram and patterns can all make your custom foil printing t shirts project a unique and amazing piece of art.  However, you can only use between 1 and 2 types of foil per project.  Mixing more than 2 colors or types of foil is not impossible, but it is not advisable.  Standard orders are generally 1 or 2 foil types at the most.

 Our Selection Of Gold and Silver Foils

gold foil t shirt printing

Our Selection Of Color Foils

foil screen printing

Our Selection Of Hologram Foils

custom foil printing t shirts

Our Selection Of Specialty Foils

foil printing on t shirts


Q – What is the minimum order for custom foil printing t shirts ?

A – Our minimum order is 24 garments using the same design.

Q – What is your typical turn-around time for foil screen printing ?

A – Our turn-around time can vary based on what projects we are working on.  Typical turn-around time for a custom foil t-shirt project is 9 business days.  Rush service is available.

Q – Does a foil embellished garment hold up in the wash?

A –  Textile foils are durable and long lasting, but you do need to treat them with care.  Similar to how you care for wool or cashmere.  No machine wash, No machine dry and No ironing over the foil.  If you follow these simple care instructions, your custom foil printing t shirts will last a long time

Q – Do you provide the T-Shirt and the printing?

A –  AMBRO Manufacturing is a full service Contract Screen Printing, Sublimation, Embroidery, Cut & Sew and Wearables company.  We can provide a complete solution that includes the garment or item being printed or you can provide your own blanks.

Q – Can I get a sample of your work prior to ordering ?

A –  Since we are a contract provider, all of the work we do is owned by our clients.  This means unfortunately we don’t have samples that we can provide.  However, we are happy to provide many photos and discuss your requirements in detail via eMail or phone.

Q – How much does it cost to do a custom foil printing t shirts project ?

A –  The investment can vary for each project depending on your artwork and other factors.  We’ve included this basic chart to give you an idea of the investment.  To download our standard wholesale pricing, please click here.  The pricing that we publish does not include the garment or item being printed.

Custom Foil Printing T Shirts

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