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Swim Team Apparel: Sublimation Capabilities

Swim Team Apparel

You don’t have to commit to boring swim team apparel if it’s not your style. Interested in doing something kind of out there that no one else is doing? AMBRO Manufacturing can create swim team apparel for meets and competitions unlike what you’ve seen before. With full dye sublimation, we can print on the full t-shirt and create an all-over look that will make people’s heads turn.



Full dye sublimation literally allows you to put any image you want onto the full front and back of 100 percent polyester t-shirts. No pricing by color, no size restriction, no design limitations—just exactly whatever you want. What you give us will be exactly what you get.

We recommend using high quality images for larger designs like the one above and below.



Worldes, or things like wordles, are popular right now. Take words that you want to express your team, throw them on a shirt and create a really interesting and powerful look! While some might opt for the black-and-white, it’s possible to use any color and have it come out bright and vibrant.



We’ll match the exact colors and design from your computer to your shirt. We promise to give you a finished design that you’ll be happy to gear up in at your next swim meet.

Fully sublimated tees are a great gift for swimmers competing at meets or entering national competitions. The best part about full dye sublimation? There’s no minimum. One or one hundred, it doesn’t matter to us. That means that each swimmer can get his or her own completely custom tee at no extra cost to you.

Interested in getting a quote on sublimated swim team apparel? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.



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