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AMBRO Manufacturing: A Cappella T-Shirts

While shows like The Voice or American Idol certainly do showcase talent, the real competitive singers do so a cappella. Singing a cappella is an exceptional talent that not all singers are capable of. These performers put on a show, starting with their impeccable pitch and ending with their dress. That’s why AMBRO Manufacturing wants to highlight a cappella t-shirts for competitors!


As an a cappella group, presentation is a huge part of the package! With AMBRO Manufacturing, you can look great on stage and make a statement!

Whether it’s a simple, clever line like “Pitch, please,” or your team’s logo, AMBRO Manufacturing can create your dream team shirt! From simple a cappella t-shirts to whole ensembles, we can dress your a cappella team in style for those big, important competitions!


Choose your pun, your garment, your color—everything is 100 percent customizable!

A cappella t-shirts are a great way to embrace your team as well as the uniqueness of your talent. Have fun with it! There’s no need to be stuffy or serious—get silly and creative!

Embrace your act, the theme of your group and the city you sing for. AMBRO Manufacturing will help you along.

Interested in an a cappella t-shirt or other ensemble? Contact Serena at SRaymond@special-ts.com or call her at 908-806-8337 to get a quote on items.

Make sure the next time you’re up on stage everyone knows what you stand for.

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