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AMBRO Manufacturing Adds Barcoding

AMBRO Updates Ordering System With Barcodes


AMBRO Manufacturing continues to become more efficient and provide next level customer service with the introduction of barcoding into our manufacturing process.  While we are still based in a paper environment, we’ve enhanced our paper trail and gone digital with barcodes.  Phase I of our barcoding initiative will launch on January 18th, 2013 and will add the element of a code 39 barcode to our order entry, production and tracking process.

Garments to be decorated will receive a barcode as soon as they enter the building and that barcode will follow the work order through our entire system.  Each employee station now has a barcode reader and through proprietary software that we developed in-house, our customers will be notified via email or text message as to the status of their order.  Each step of our production process will be reported automatically as our scanners follow our decorated t-shirts and garments through our production facility.

We researched pre-programmed systems that have this capability, but none of them fit our exact needs.  So we rolled up our sleeves and built our own.  We believe that our new barcoding system will eliminate 60% of the inbound phone calls that we receive each day where customers are asking for the status on their orders.

Phase II will be to bring the data to our website and enable our customers to securely log in and track the progress of their orders in real time.  Phase II is planned for later this year.