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AMBRO Manufacturing: Fencing Sportswear

Whether you’re a school, a private organization or an individual who has been fencing for ages, fencing sportswear is a great way to show off your fencing pride (whether you fence foil, sabre or epee)! AMBRO Manufacturing specializes in team sportswear, and fencing is no exception! Everything is 100 percent customizable, from garment, to color, to text.

You can choose a more traditional fencing jacket with name customization on the front and your association on the back.

Fencing Full-zip fleece


Or, you can create a fun, graphic fencing tee with a catchy slogan or fencing quote.

Fencing NB Tank top

(I’ve already chosen epee)


For practice, strutting around meets or walking around town, showing off your fencing association is easy with AMBRO Manufacturing!

Performance tank tops and tees, varsity fencing jackets, polos, t-shirts, fencing socks—there are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to your customized fencing sportswear!

We also offer vinyl decals, which can be applied right to your fencing bag! Or, embroider the strap for those huge, day-long meets (no one will mistake it for theirs again).

If you’re a coach and want to give your fencing team a variety of options, we offer a free online store that we can fill with fun, different merchandise.

Email Serena at SRaymond@Special-Ts.com, or give her a call at 908-806-8337 to set up your fencing sportswear order!

Place your order with someone who knows fencing!

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