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AMBRO Manufacturing: Vinyl T-Shirts

Do you have a hoodie that’s missing that personal touch? Have you ever made a vector design you’d like to have on a tank top? Or maybe you want a plain text t-shirt identifying your affiliation with a sports team or school. Vinyl t-shirts are the way to go for these simple jobs!


Peel away the excess vinyl, and you’re left with your design!

Vinyl is a great option for a one-off design since there is no set up cost—you’re only paying for the vinyl application and the goods! You can even bring in your own shirt and pay for the cost of vinyl alone.

Each color is $15 per square foot. That means you can make a front, back and sleeve print to put on your shirt as long as it fits in one square foot block.


Our machine that prints vinyl can get as hot as 450 degrees! We use it for vinyl, sublimation and reflective application!


We use heat-pressed vinyl that can take some wear and tear. It’s comparable to screen printing, but instead of having to create a screen we’re able to print the design directly from the computer and place it on your garment for a cost-effective price!

This is also the type of printing that makes a great, easy gift—especially for members of sports teams who might want their name and number on a t-shirt in their team’s colors!

If you have any questions about vinyl printing, direct them to Serena at SRaymond@special-ts.com or give her a call at 908-806-8337.


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