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How to make your AMBRO T-Shirt Last Forever

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt. It might be an AMBRO Manufacturing custom piece, or it might be something you picked up from Kohls a few years ago. No matter where it comes from, I’m here to tell you how to make your favorite t-shirt last a lifetime.


Minimal machine washing—Remember, cotton is prone to shrinking. Hand washing will always be the best alternative to keeping your shirts looking nice with limited reduction in size.

Use cold water—Cotton t-shirts are best washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. Try washing all of your cotton garments together to maximize your laundry loads.

Wash inside out—With screen printed garments, there is a layer of ink that, while sustainable, can crack and fade as the years roll by. To minimize the effects of age, wash your t-shirt inside out so the ink doesn’t get banged around by the spin cycle.

Hang dry instead of dryer—The heat applied during drying can destroy the fabric, making it “pilly,” as well as contributing to shrinking.

Remove from dryer immediately—If you do decide to use the dryer, removing your clothes as soon as the buzzer goes off reduces the amount of wrinkles in a garment. When you allow your clothes to sit for too long, you might solve the problem of wrinkles by starting the dryer for another, smaller cycle. Doing this repeatedly reduces the life of a garment.

I can’t guarantee that your favorite t-shirt will last forever, but I can certainly help you keep it in great shape longer than you might have otherwise.

The great thing about AMBRO Manufacturing is that we keep all screen print films on file for future use. The next time you want to use a design you’ve already paid for, we knock $8 off the price.

So with us, you never really have to say good-bye to your favorite shirt.


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