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Boston Marathon T-Shirts: Boston Marathon Apparel, Boston Strong T-Shirts

Looking For Boston Marathon T-Shirts?

For a limited time, AMBRO Manufacturing is staying Boston Strong with a great-priced, quality tee promoting a Boston Strong attitude. These Boston Marathon t-shirts are techwick shirts for complete moisture control as well as odor and stain resistance.  This t-shirt is highly affordable at $7.95—but act fast since this t-shirt is only available until April 14th.

2014 Boston Marathon T-Shirt

2014 Boston Marathon T-Shirt

What happened in Boston last April affected so many more than the runners on the track and victims of the bombings. All of Boston—all of the East Coast—was affected by what happened. Now, whether you’re running the race or not, you can show your pride in this event’s persistence.

Stay Boston Strong by persevering and enjoying this year’s race. Nothing will scare us away from enjoying an event that has been around since 1897.

The Boston Marathon is a strong Boston tradition that is over 100 years old. That’s something to be proud of and celebrate!

Stay Boston Strong with Boston Marathon Apparel

Again, this offer is only available until April 14th. So get your Boston Marathon T-Shirts while you can! Branded with this year’s marathon date and a cool logo, you’ll be proud wearing this on or off the track. Purchase this shirt together for solidarity during the race.

This Boston Marathon t-shirt is only available in purple. It’s a great color that will wear well in the heat of the race! And you’ll be standing out amongst the crowd.

Be a part of the Boston Strong movement with one of these great Boston Marathon T-shirts. We’re excited about how great they look, and we want to share them at this great $7.95 per piece price!

Have a question about the t-shirt? Interested in placing a custom order for the marathon? Email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337. Thanks!


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