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Camouflage Shirts: Sublimating Custom Designs

Camouflage Shirts and Sublimation

Have you ever looked through the stock camouflage options and been completely underwhelmed? We get that. There are only so many varieties to choose from in civilian stores, and they can get a little dull. Camouflage shirts be interesting, and most importantly genuinely blend in with your surroundings. That is just the reason why AMBRO Manufacturing is offering custom sublimated camouflage shirts!

Traditional camo is pretty cartoony. But a sublimated camouflage design can change that. If you’re a hunter, take a picture of your hunting stand. We’ll blow it up to the size of your shirt. Of course, if you do choose to do this we recommend wearing splashes of orange so as not to blend in for other hunters as well.

Whatever you’re looking to blend in as, custom sublimation is the premium choice for crisp, clean colors and detail. Remember that scene in the 2004 movie Garden State directed by Zach Braff? Yeah. You could do that.

You can even create a series of joke tees and blend into all different backgrounds: school, work, kitchen pantry.

Interested in placing an order for custom camouflage shirts from AMBRO Manufacturing? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We can help you create a completely customized camouflage look, or you can give us the design you’ve come up with. Whatever you need help with, we’re here to implement your design ideas and create a flawless, custom garment.

We’re happy to help you with any design questions you might have. Just ask!


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