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Custom Printed Leggings For Ferocity Dance

Why You Should Love These Custom Printed Leggings Screen printing on leggings is hard and messy. The ink can bunch up and just plain not look good. But AMBRO Manufacturing has a design solution for custom printed leggings: AFM (AMBRO Fabric Magic), a heat-applied vinyl that is exceptionally stretchy and lasts. It looks great, wears…
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Custom Sweatshirts from AMBRO: Product Spotlight

Finding regular custom sweatshirts is easy. But if you’re looking for a product to make a statement—something along the lines of “I’m the life of the party”—the blended tailgate hoodie from J-America is the custom sweatshirt for you.   From our Special T’s retail catalogue, this hoodie is a great novelty item. Have someone who…
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Digital T-Shirt Printing: AMBRO Fabric Magic, Vinyl with a twist

Sometimes you don’t want a one or two-color design. Sometimes you want the whole rainbow. That’s why digital t-shirt printing is usually the way to go, but AMBRO has something special. AMBRO Fabric Magic is a type of vinyl that is printed onto digitally and then applied to the garment. The graphic tee above is…
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