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Vinyl Decal Life Test

AMBRO Manufacturing now offers custom made decals! We are going to conduct a life test of the decal material by placing one (in this case a decal with the NAFI logo on it) on the back of our Director of Operations car. We will check back in a month and see how it is holding…
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Look who is guarding the office……

This example is not for sale, but if you want a new graphic decal made for your door, van, Millennium Falcon or window give us a call. 908-806-8337 or darren@special-ts.com.

Twitter, AMBRO and you…..

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing (and it’s family of companies, Special-T’s and Customstoreonline.com) we love to hear from our customers via Social Networks, especially Twitter. On occasion we see interesting, and sometimes funny Tweets sent to companies, and we want to share them with you. For example: While there is nothing funny about the Chicken Nugget…
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The Office (not the hit NBC/BBC tv series) tour!

A brief tour of our office can be found on our Facebook page.

AMBRO Announces Rhinestone Car Decals

  AMBRO Manufacturing announces the launch of a new product … Rhinestone Car Decals !!!  These beautiful rhinestone decals are made to be applied to the back window of your car.  They are contour cut to the word and seal well for outdoor use.  In the photo shown here you see the “carrier sheet” that…
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