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Category: Varsity Jacket

Embroidered Appliques: Applique Letters with Rip Away Applique

AMBRO Manufacturing has been doing custom embroidery since the beginning, and embroidered appliques almost as long. Now, we’ve got a new product that makes applique a cinch. It looks great, it’s simple and wears well! And, it comes in a bunch of bright, custom colors! This new type of applique is also a vinyl hybrid!…
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AMBRO Manufacturing: Competitive Bowling Apparel

Bowlers know there’s more to bowling than ’80s glow bowling and The Big Lebowski—as fun as those two things are. AMBRO Manufacturing makes custom competitive, professional bowling apparel for the serious bowler. But, if you’re a passionate weekend bowler, we’ve got gear for you and your friends, too!   Customize your bowling gear with embroidered…
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AMBRO Manufacturing: Archery Apparel

Whether you’re representing an independent team, a school or yourself, custom archery apparel from AMBRO Manufacturing is a no-brainer! With us, you can create custom archery clothes easily! Give us your logo or have us create one for you. It’s simple, and we’ll walk you through the whole process. We can create virtually any garment…
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AMBRO Manufacturing: 2014 Clothing Catalogue

Welcome to the new year! To help ring it in, AMBRO’s 2014 clothing catalogue (with more than just clothes in it) is in-store! Come in and flip through it, or pick one up for your business or school!   Our catalogue features great wearable and non-wearable items for decoration, including brands like Adidas, New Balance,…
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AMBRO Manufacturing: Varsihoodie, Varsity Jacket Alternative

Swimming is a unique sport that needs a unique garment to accompany it. Varsity jackets have been done to death, and while they’re great to show off team pride, there is a varsity jacket alternative! AMBRO Manufacturing has a unique product that can show off a team’s personal style all while keeping it casual. It’s…
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