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Custom Printed Beach Towels

Custom Printed Beach Towels

Custom Printed Beach Towels

Wide format screen printing is becoming increaslingly less common in the United States. Most custom printed beach towels are done overseas and imported. There are hundreds of thousands of high quality off-shore resources. Finding towel printers outside of the United States isn’t hard. However, begining a strong working relationship with them may be.

There are risks when working off shore. Let’s review the Top 3 Risks of working with off shore towel printers.

Top 3 Risk Of Getting Custom Printed Beach Towels Off Shore

#1. Communication

There is no getting around it, lauguage and culture are a barrier when working off shore. If you can’t communicate with your contract towel printer, the likelyhood of mistakes is high. It’s not just about the language. Cultural differences can make it extremely hard to get the quality that you want. For example, many cultures embrace a “get it done no matter what” approach. The addage “Be careful of what you ask for” has never been more true when working with foreign cultures. You may ask for a price point, and without hesitation your foreign provider may agree. What you don’t realize are the corners that they will have to cut in order to deliver that price point. In fact, the first time you’ll understand what they were, is when you open the box in your facility. By then, it’s too late to do anything about it.

#2. Quality

We’ve worked a lot with off shore resources and we have found the variance in quality to be high. Often times the samples that sold us on working with a vendor, were no where near the actual product that was delivered after the order. We’ve also seen order to order differences in quality that were unacceptable. This problem became so rampant, that we switched to onshore providers and pay twice what we used to, and we’re very happy about it.

#3. Problem Resolution

Even with the strongest of long term partner relationships you’ll see problems. Problems aren’t really the issue, it’s how they get resolved that matters. I won’t claim that every on shore partner solves problems well, but when you have a problem with a foreign resource, your problem resolution options is vastly limited, compared to what’s available on shore.

There are many high quality providers of custom beach towels both off shore and on. It’s important that you vet them properly to ensure that the people that you decide to do business with, will support you.

If you are interested in talking about custom printed beach towels, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.

Custom Printed Beach Towels

Custom Printed Beach Towels