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Custom Printed Leggings For Ferocity Dance

Why You Should Love These Custom Printed Leggings

Screen printing on leggings is hard and messy. The ink can bunch up and just plain not look good. But AMBRO Manufacturing has a design solution for custom printed leggings: AFM (AMBRO Fabric Magic), a heat-applied vinyl that is exceptionally stretchy and lasts. It looks great, wears great and gives you the option to have a full color design without all of those set-up fees.

We recently did an awesome pair of custom printed leggings for Ferocity Dance in Falls Chuck, VA. And they came out looking fierce!


Custom Printed Leggings

Claw marks on one side, FEROCITY on the other, this is a great example of what AFM can do to make a garment look spectacular.

With AFM, there is always a thin white outline around the design. This works well with white lettering and items that take to outlining well, like the claws below.


When wearing these out and about, these leggings are sure to turn some heads.

Working with Kat was great because she provided all of her own artwork, but we love working from scratch! We have a team of artists on staff who can churn you out something fun.

While you might have to worry about going over the seam when screen printing, there are no such worries with AFM. It stands up to the test of time and completely adheres to the fabric.


Interested in looking as fierce as Ferocity? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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