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Custom Screen Print Bandanas

Custom Screen Print Bandanas

Custom Screen Print Bandanas

Custom screen printed bandanas have always been popular. Recently bandanas have gained even more traction in American culture.  Part of the bandana resurgence was due to the pandemic of 2019. Part is because they are a fantastic, one size fits all, product.

For years when organizers put together a T-shirt order, they had to ask an uncomfortable question. What is your size? With custom bandanas, size is not a factor. Classic bandanas are 22″ x 22″ and fit everyone.

AMBRO Manufacturing makes custom bandanas in New Jersey. Our bandanas are available in 23 different colors. The classic 22″ x 22″ bandanas are the most popular, we also manufacture 14″ x 14″ Hankies and 27″ x 27″ oversized bandanas.

Our bandanas are 100% cotton and are very square. It may sound funny that we are pointing out that our bandanas are square. Unfortunately, many companies sell odd shaped bandanas.

Imported bandanas tend to be skewed. These imports are often inconsistently sized and not square. “Not Square” bandanas become a real problem when you are printing a perfect square design.

When printing, we use water-based inks. That means that unlike other screen printing companies that print with plastisol (Liquid Plastic), our prints are made with acrylic water-based inks, making them environmentally friendly and soft to the touch.

Since bandanas are worn on the face, neck or head, it’s important to have a soft cotton feel and a soft and unobtrusive print.

If you are interested in custom screen print bandanas, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.