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Custom Silk Screen Reorders: Simplicity

Custom Silk Screen Reorders

Something we usually don’t stress enough is how simple it is to do reorders with AMBRO Manufacturings. Do one custom silk screen order with us and we have it on file forever. We’ll highlight one customer who recently did a reorder and what exactly the process is!



Green Valley Landscapes didn’t have to do a whole lot when reordering their tees. With a few different designs on file, they called us up and told us exactly which design they wanted to go on their new tees.

It was even simpler since they chose the same shirts they had ordered the year before.



Now, you don’t have to choose the same shirts year after year. That’s not part of the reorder!

When you use screens that you’ve used in the past, your set-up fee is discounted since we already have the design on file. Everything else is still customizable! Change your ink color, t-shirt or t-shirt color and you still get a discounted prices.

We save every work order we ever process for you (including estimates!) so that we’re aware of all the options you considered or went with. It keeps us organized and gives you the freedom to bounce back and forth between designs. And of course, choose new ones.

The benefit to you with this custom silk screen is taking the guesswork out of the process. When you stick with AMBRO year after year, you’re guaranteed quality customer service and garments.

Interested in placing an order (or possibly a reorder) with AMBRO Manufacturing? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We’ll walk you through the process and answer any pressing questions you might have. We’re happy to help.



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