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Custom Store Online: The Free Custom Store Option

Custom Store Online: Our Custom Store Option And Why It’s Right For Your League

Handing out order forms. Getting checks in on time. Setting deadlines and extending them. If you’ve ever tried to gather orders for a league or group, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a pain! But it doesn’t have to be. Custom store online with AMBRO Manufacturing: It’s how we relieve some of the stress with taking orders yourself!

You choose the products. You choose the design. You tell us how long you want your store open for. But we take the orders. Pick up all of the orders together. We supply a sheet telling you what items belong to which people. Too far from our 6 King’s Court Flemington location to pick up the order? We offer individual shipping per orders!


Our online store has a few simple rules to keep things simple for you and for us.

  • The same screen printed design is used in the online store unless you are an organization that has over 100 members
  • A minimum of 12 items with a single logo must sell in order for them to be made—if only 11 sell, the organization has to buy that remaining one
  • All stores must have close dates

In order for us to keep our prices low and the online store free, we can only create one screen printed design for a variety of items. But, this doesn’t have to limit you! You can create a design with up to four colors for front and back. Create custom options for sweatshirts with vinyl names and numbers on the back.

If you’re a larger organization, or if you’re looking to buy up the remaining order of shirts or sweatpants, you can have more than one design in your store.

Most organizations can reach the minimum of 12, but the minimum allows us to create a custom store online for you free of charge.

When it comes to embroidered items, there is no minimum quantity. Whether you have your logo digitized already or need it done (the upfront charge is $75, but then you can use it whenever you want), embroidered items are great to have in-store.

Custom Store Online


We work with you one-on-one to create your perfect online store. We’ll go through mock ups until you’re satisfied with what you’re giving your organization.

The best thing about AMBRO’s custom store online option? We can include a fundraising element. We give you our price and you let us know how much more you’d like to make over the cost of the item. Once your order is ready and you pick it up, we cut you a check for the amount you’ve made. It’s fundraising made completely easy!

Interested in setting up an online store? Contact Sales@Special-Ts.com or give us a call at 908-806-8337.  We’ll help you figure out what items will work best for your organization!


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