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Custom Swimming Apparel: Customer Spotlight on Rutgers Swimming

If you’re interested in opening up an online store with us for custom swimming apparel, check out the recent success of our online store for Rutgers Swimming and Diving! Rutgers swimming chose to have two different designs available to their athletes.



With your own online store, you can make multiple garment colors available to your customer, whether your customer is an athlete, employee or parent of a student.

It’s easy to set up an online store when you already have the art done, but it’s no problem if you want us to create the art for you! For an added design fee, we’d be happy to create a logo that you’ll be proud of.

Another great feature we have is the use of a gradient. Interested in having different shades of the same color on your garment? Check out what we did for Rutgers.



We can create a similar backdrop-look for your own custom, online store.

Now check out this great alternate t-shirt that was a huge hit in the Rutgers online store!

P1050794This is a fun, hot pink tee that really took off in Rutgers’ online store!

Interested in creating something similar? Contact us at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@special-Ts.com.

We’ll be happy to create your perfect, custom swimming apparel—or any other type of garment you might need!


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