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Custom T-Shirt Printing with Gradients

Custom T-Shirt Printing with Gradients

Sometimes groups might feel limited by their budget. Maybe you can only afford one or two colors on a standard cotton tee. With AMBRO Manufacturing, our custom t-shirt printing prices don’t have to limit you. Get a two-color design but add gradients to it so that your design has more texture and the illusion of different colors!

What exactly is a gradient? A gradient is a fade from dark to light, essentially. On the screen itself, what we do is we don’t burn it completely. We leave little dots that don’t get filled in. This means not as much ink comes through and the colors end up looking lighter. If we applied this to black, it might look gray. If we applied this to navy, it might look like a dark cobalt color.

red magic

Gradients aren’t new in the screen printing world. If you’ve ever seen a white tee with a black and white screened face that has different shades (I’m thinking of a specific, iconic Madonna tee), that’s most likely a gradient.

This is the best way to achieve a unique look without breaking the bank.

You can go crazy with it like you see above, or you can do something a little more reserved and simple like below.

health quest


Are you interested in creating a custom t-shirt printing order using the help of gradients to achieve your vision? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We’ll turn that one-color logo into something really special.


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