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Digital T-Shirt Printing: AMBRO Fabric Magic, Vinyl with a twist

Sometimes you don’t want a one or two-color design. Sometimes you want the whole rainbow. That’s why digital t-shirt printing is usually the way to go, but AMBRO has something special. AMBRO Fabric Magic is a type of vinyl that is printed onto digitally and then applied to the garment.

RunnerThe graphic tee above is a great example of something digitally printed on AFM. This item sells in our Ebay store along with other items from our digital t-shirt printing inventory.

What makes AFM so great is the quality and versatility. This product lasts long and looks great through wear and tear.

How do we do it? We load the machine up with the correct material and print onto it.


The machine goes from right to left repeatedly printing onto the vinyl. Once it’s done printing, the machine will cut out the outline of the design so that it is ready to peal and press onto the garment.


The machine that we use to make our AFM garments has a lot of other versatility, too. Decals and stickers can be printed for virtually any shape or design. It’s completely up to you, the customer!

Come to us with a completed image, or have us help you create one.


These stickers are printed the same way as our digital t-shirt printing, but onto a different material!

Ambro Fabric Magic is great for ordering multiple custom t-shirts. If you want a multi-color left chest logo but don’t want to go the route of embroidery or screen printing, this is a great solution! Pay by the square foot and print as many as 36 left chest logos at a time (if the logo is 4″ x 1″).

For smaller orders, this is a much cheaper option than screen printing a three-color logo onto multiple shirts. If you want to avoid screen printing or embroidery set up fees for a complicated logo, AMBRO Fabric Magic is the way to go.

Get a quote today at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. Ask about our sticker pricing and design costs!

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