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Embroidered Appliques: Applique Letters with Rip Away Applique

AMBRO Manufacturing has been doing custom embroidery since the beginning, and embroidered appliques almost as long. Now, we’ve got a new product that makes applique a cinch. It looks great, it’s simple and wears well! And, it comes in a bunch of bright, custom colors!

This new type of applique is also a vinyl hybrid! If you love these crazy colors, you don’t have to go for the applique, you can choose to have this material heat-pressed onto a shirt. But for now, we want to use this for applique.



In this instance we used a bright, sparkly purple to to see how this new product will hold up against classic applique. We measured where we wanted the applique on the back of the shirt. Next, we did a test run with the machine to make sure the needle would stay where the rip away applique was placed.

As soon as we were ready, we went ahead and embroider the shirt!



To keep things simple, we chose to embroider the shirt with my name. We wanted to see how this product would do with what it will mostly be used for: letters.



Once the embroidery was done, it was time to peel (or rip) away that excess applique!



The next step was to heat press this applique. Since this is a hybrid material, we can heat press it to make sure the fabric is not only sewn down to the fabric but also sealed against the fabric.


The finished product looks great! It’s exactly the type of alternative we were looking for here at AMBRO Manufacturing.



With this new applique, there is no need to cut out letters and place them onto a shirt, matching them haphazardly to a pattern. This is a guarantee.

Your own embroidered applique does not have to be just your name or letters, you can create your own silhouetted design for a sharp look. For our digitizing fee, we’ll digitize your silhouette and have it embroidered just as I demonstrated here!

Choose from a variety of bright, vibrant or matte colors. It’s completely up to you! After all, we’re all about customization here.

Interested in a quote on embroidered appliques and rip away applique designs? (Or do you just want to see some color swatches?) Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.