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Embroidered Names on Custom Garments from AMBRO

Looking to make a work polo stand out? Interested in a snappy addition to an already great hoody? AMBRO Manufacturing offers custom embroidered names on virtually any shirt, gym bag, hat, sweatshirt or blanket! That’s what’s so great about embroidery, the material doesn’t matter, just the thread!



We have over 10 stock fonts to choose from, including a subtle script and helsinki! But, you can have your own custom font embroidered on your shirt for an extra fee! Don’t be tied down by our restrictions—you’re the one who is going to be living with this custom t-shirt or sweatshirt, make it stand out!

Combine custom screen printing with embroidered names for a totally  unique look!



Maybe you have a shirt you love, but it already has a name on it. The name could be a nickname you’ve outgrown, a misspelling from another embroidery company or simply not the font you want. We do embroidered name removal as well! Don’t stay stuck with a name design you’re not happy with us. Have us fix it for you and give you something you can wear proudly.



Monograms are another great standard option we offer. Great for bathrobes for bridal parties or accenting a bag that’s just missing that personal touch. For a flat rate, we’ll put the monogram you want on whatever item you want.

It doesn’t matter if you still need to order the goods or have a whole box ready for us to embroider, we can create your custom monogram or embroidered name for a flat, easy rate!

Interested in adding some embellishment to a look in your closet that just might need it? Email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337 for a quote!



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