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Font Types: Typesetting and Fonts at AMBRO Manufacturing

All About Font Types

Talking about font types might sound boring, but often that’s the thing that separates a good logo from a great one. Take a look at some of your favorite logos. I bet it’s not always those complicated designs that put you over the edge—a lot of the time, it’s simply the text that was used. Here at AMBRO we recognize that each company we work with has its own brand and image. That’s why we’re devoted to taking the feel of certain fonts and applying them to your logo!



Times New Roman should be left for class papers. Block athletic fonts can be easy. Sure, Helsinki is always easy, but we’re here to take your design to the next level!

Our design services aren’t strictly for the logo image. When you have a shirt that literally says something, those words are the most important aspect of that shirt. That’s what people read and comprehend—the logo is just a nice, interesting touch. A conversation piece.

The text is what people remember.

We have an access to a lot of fonts here at AMBRO, but we can always mix fonts and create something totally unique for you. After all, completely custom garments are what we’re out to create every time we get in an order. We’re here to do our best and we want you, the customer, to be happy with our work.

T Shirt Printing

Font Types


Whether you have a heavy metal persona applied to your brand or a soft, cuddly attitude that needs to be woven into your font—AMBRO Manufacturing is here to help you with the task!

We’ll make sure your font matches your vision.

Have a logo you’d like us to create for you before you order some t-shirts? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We’d love to take a crack at creating a custom logo with interesting font to give you the absolute best option you can get!

And don’t forget how important fonts can be the next time you’re thinking about designing yourself a t-shirt.


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