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High Visibility Workwear From AMBRO Manufacturing

High Visibility Workwear

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we have many different decoration processes. Screen printing and embroidery are just the surface of what we do, because we do so much more. Sublimation, cut and sew, premium vinyl—but I want to focus right now is our reflective capabilities. We use a special type of reflective vinyl for high visibility workwear. Add the reflective vinyl to already reflective vests, or allow it to work on its own. It looks great, lasts and is great for those overnights on the job.



Here is our premium reflective vinyl on the back of t-shirts. But it works on many different materials. It is especially useful on polyester because the reflective vinyl is very stretchy. When people want to do leggings or other things that stretch a lot, we often recommend this vinyl because it looks great and wears so well.

The way the vinyl works is that we cut it out backwards with our vinyl cutter. Then, we tear away the unusable parts, place it in the right spot on the garment and heat apply. This is a great heat-applied, quality product. No tears. No wears.


Interested in ordering some high visibility workwear? Whether it’s jackets, job shirts or performance tees, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com for quote. We’d be happy to assist you.


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