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Knitting Gift Ideas: Sew Circuit Meets AMBRO

You Can Never Have Enough Knitting Gift Ideas

We posted this on our Sew Circuit blog not too long ago, but we wanted to bring a DIY project to our AMBRO blog! After all, screen printing and embroidery is only the surface of what exactly it is we do.

If you’re a knitter, you constantly need new projects to stimulate yourself. You can only knit so many scarves before you never want to wear the stupid things again. Lace can become tedious and blankets take forever. But one way to spice up your knitting life is to incorporate conductive thread into your knitting gift ideas.

It’s hard to just knit with conductive thread, so that’s why I recommend pairing it with a normal weighted yarn. To keep the shape of whatever you’re making, this is the only feasible way to use conductive thread in this type of project.



Conductive thread does wrap up on itself and can actually bend projects if you’re not careful. That’s why I would not use conductive thread in projects with lots of construction, or I would tie on the thread only in places where the thread is actually needed as opposed to through the whole project.



This is especially important since positive and negative charges can’t touch, and one thread will be our positive while the other will be our negative. When knitting be sure to keep in mind that you need these two sources in order to create a circuit.


Using conductive thread is a great idea for plush toys with light-up eyes (I know, we love light-up eyes here) or installing a “speaker” in an item.

But we want to hear your knitting gift ideas! If you think you have a great project, comment below and show us your pictures! If you need help completing the project or have a wearable tech project you’d like us to embroider for you, let us know!

Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com for any questions about AMBRO or Sew Circuit.


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