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AMBRO Manufacturing: Laser Etching

Our laser etching machine is a little hidden gem at AMBRO Manufacturing. It’s a versatile machine with a lot of capabilities. This includes the ability to cut fabric for applique (our most common use), etch glasses, etch on marble, etch on acrylic, burn into wood and mark a variety of other surfaces.


Laser etching is exactly what it sounds like, cutting into materials with a very fine laser as opposed to a knife. It’s a fun tool to watch in action and is more exact than hand etching an item.

Because laser etching is so specialized depending on the material our machine is etching into, the price varies from job to job. Some of the jobs we’ve done have been etching into guitar picks, a set of dominoes, shot glasses and seashells. Not everything can be etched into, but we can let you know what products are possible to customize in this way!

Interested in the machinery? Here is a quick video of our laser etching machine cutting a custom applique!

If you have a set of glasses, a wooden chess set or any other item you might be interested in customizing with laser etching, contact Serena at SRaymond@gmail.com or 908-806-8337 for a quote.

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