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Lizard T-Shirt For Reptile Lovers

Sublimated Lizard T-Shirt: The New Fashion Statement?

You might not be a lizard freak. You might love the patterns, the morphs, the eyes with no eyelids. And maybe you don’t want to be a lizard, but you do want to celebrate this awesome creature! A sublimated lizard t-shirt might be just the thing to make a statement without going over board. Use the scales as a pattern, or put your own lizard’s picture on the tee!

Lizard T-Shirt

lizard tank

lizard t-shirt

With so many different scale and skin textures to choose from, a lizard t-shirt can truly be unique—even each time you place the same print on different tees!

We can help you create the design, or if you already have the art send it our way. For sublimation, besides art design if you choose to use us, there are no set-up fees! That’s a great deal for a look that is genuinely vibrant.

We start out with a plain, white polyester or nylon shirt and turn it into something spectacular. Whatever you have in mind, we can create for you.

Have the cutest lizard in the world and want to see him on a t-shirt? That can be done, too! Send us a high quality image of your pet and we can create a stunning representation with our full dye sublimation printing capabilities.

Interested in placing a custom order with AMBRO Manufacturing? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. Give us the design you’re thinking of, the cut of the shirt and your overall goal. If you’re interested in selling this, we can give you our input as a retailer. If you’re making something for friends to enjoy, we’ll try to put ourselves in those shoes.

We’re out to make the best product possible with the best customer service. We can’t wait to take on your next project!


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