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Make Your Own T-Shirts With AMBRO Manufacturing

Make Your Own T-Shirts

Making your own t-shirts at AMBRO Manufacturing is pretty simple. Come to us, give us your design and go on your way. We’ll take care of it from there. We print the film, make the screens, print the shirts, box them up and call you for pick up. (We’ve gone over this process before). But you should be able to make your own t-shirts from your house! And that’s why AMBRO Manufacturing has a t-shirt designer on our Special T’s site! The t-shirt designer is so simple and easy to use! It’s a great way to request a quote, and it’s an even better way to look at our wearables catalogue. make your own t-shirts

There is a variety of images and font to choose from. Even if you’re not happy with the options available, you can use those images as a jumping off point for a quote. When you’re done adding all of your elements, hit “request quote” and add any additional comments you might have! Tell us your budget, your concerns and if the images you used were simply placeholders.

Interested in getting a mix of youth sizes and adult sizes? That’s something to tell us in the comments section.

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Not looking for tees? There is so much variety, you don’t have to be held back by just a t-shirt! AMBRO Manufacturing has non-wearable items like custom tote bags!


custom printed tote bags

custom printed tote bags

Custom printed tote bags a great item to use the designer for because there’s no issues with material, size or fit. It’s a simple order with a lot of great options.

Interested in getting a quote? Don’t call or email, send it via our online designer and make your own t-shirt! We promise to get back to you quickly and get you a fair price.

But if you really need to talk to someone, our phone number is 908-806-8337 and our email is Sales@Special-Ts.com.