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Mens Funny T-Shirts: Russell Brand

Mens Funny T-Shirts

Last week we highlighted Russell Brand’s ex-wife Katy Perry and her Happy tee. This week, we’re taking a look at some men’s fashion: funny, tongue-in-cheek tees that might not be taken too seriously. And since it’s Russell Brand, please excuse the mild vulgarity of this blog post. Mens funny t-shirts aren’t supposed to be completely clean (in more way than one).

This comedian is not afraid of making funny faces or wearing provocative shirts—and this isn’t even his most outrageous! In fact, this shirt is most likely a Radiohead t-shirt quoting their song Nude. It wouldn’t surprise us if Russell was a fan of the indie rock group. The rainbow text is an allusion to the album In Rainbows that this song comes off of.

But we just love the joke in this tee and the irreverent-ness of this, so we wanted to make our own! Thanks for the inspiration, Russell. We’ll keep the rainbows, but change it up a bit.

dirty mind tee


To achieve the look of Russell’s tee, we won’t underbase this tee. That means we don’t screen print the whole look white first. We go straight for the kill and plop those colors on! It gives it that nice rough-and-tumble look guys like Russell are into.

The tee? A Bayside 50/50 blend in charcoal. High quality, comfort, this is a wear-until-the-threads-come-loose sort of tee.

While we can’t offer this tee as a single buy, we can offer a deal on 72 of these six-color tees! Your price would be $14.06 per shirt.

Now I know that you and 71 of your closest friends might not all agree on this. So just in case, if you want to go for a solid ink color of your choice and settle for 12, your cost would be $12.91 per shirt instead! That’s a nice savings and you’re still getting a great tee.

Interested in placing a custom order? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.



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