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Metallic Print T Shirt

T Shirt Foil Printing

Getting a custom metallic print t shirt done is not difficult, but there are some nuances to consider.  I’m going to review everything you need to know about metallic foil printing.

Metallic Print Tee Shirts

There are 3 different options to get custom printed metallic tees.

Foil Printed Tees

The most common form of metallic tees is mirrored textile foil. Think of this like gold leaf foiling.  To create a custom logo metallic tee using foil, we first screen print your design in a special textile adhesive (glue) on the shirt. Then using heat and pressure, we permanently adhere a thin, durable and light weight t-shirt foil to the design area.  After peeling away the excess, the result is your logo or custom design in foil.

Using foil for custom metallic shirts is the preferred option. It’s cost effective, long lasting and it looks fantastic.

T Shirt Foil Printing

T Shirt Foil Printing

Metallic Screen Printing Tees

Traditional screen printing using metallic inks can also be used to get the metallic look. Using this method, we use a special polymer ink that is infused with color and some actual metal. The result of this type of screen printing is a brushed metal look.

Using screen printing to deliver a metallic look is popular when there are fine details in the design.

Metallic Foil Printing

Metallic Foil Printing

Metallic Vinyl Tees

The third method to give the metallic look is a vinyl. Similar to foil, there are a wide range of specialty vinyls that give the metallic look that customers want. The benefit to using vinyl over foil is the cost and availability of a small order.  Foil orders typically carry a minimum of 72 pieces. If a customer wants something smaller, 1,2, 12 pieces etc. Then vinyl is the answer.

Metallic vinyls are heavier and bulkier than foils, but the trade off to get a smaller order or a one-of-a-kind order are often worth it.

Custom Foil Printing

Custom Foil Printing

Custom T-Shirts With Metallic Print

A big part of the success that you’ll have with any custom foil shirt print is in the design. You have to be comfortable knowing what you can do and what you should do.  The look of foil is great, but it’s mostly designed for big and blocky designs.

If your custom logo or design has fine details, is photographic or has elements that are less than 2 points wide, then foil is not likely the best option for you.

If you have a design that must have fine elements, you can consider a mixed media blend of foil AND screen printing. Yes, you can mix them!

Custom Foil Printing T-Shirts

9 times out of 10, using textile foils is the best approach for your custom foil t-shirt. Like I mentioned above, unless you want only a hand full, using foil just looks better and produces an amazing outcome.

If you are considering  a custom metallic print t shirt order, please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or use our customer contact form. We’ll walk you through the process, ask you the right questions and put together a recommendation that is best suited for your project.