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Nerdy T-Shirts, Or How-I-Learned-To-Stop-Worrying-And-Love-Sci-Fi

These Aren’t Necessarily Nerdy T-Shirts

No. They’re just cool. And they were inspired by Shia LaBeouf’s Dune t-shirt pictured below. If you’re a fan of celebrity gossip blogs, you’ll know that LaBeouf is a fan of nerdy t-shirts. And so are we! We just don’t get to show it as much as we’d like.

So for today’s celebrity Tuesday, we’re going to do something a little differently. Two different nerdy t-shirts for the price of a blog post that only needed to be one!

Dune has a huge history and a huge following. Set aside David Lynch’s 1984 epic that is more like reading a book than watching a movie, these Frank Herbert books were published in the mid ’60s to a very receptive audience. Never seen Dune? Get some popcorn, block out a Sunday afternoon and prepare to have your brain turned on for over three hours. Dune is wonderful, but it’s a lot like sitting in study hall.

We can’t recreate this cool Dune t-shirt that LaBeouf is wearing for copyright reasons, but it inspired us here to create our own nerdy t-shirts. After all, what’s better to show off than your fandom?

These are all inspirations based on franchises we’re a fan of. You can figure out for yourself what these are references to!

First, let’s travel to the House of Atreides.

the spice must flow

Printed on a sand t-shirt to match a desert setting, this 50/50 blended cotton/polyester tee is a great go-to throw on tee! The cost for 12? Only $12.29 per shirt! Now that’s a deal.

Next, we chose a chocolate-colored racerback tank top to be the backdrop of this interstellar-inspired tee.

8770_so say we all


Gold shimmer lettering and a stylish cut (that matches the military personnel who inspired the top), this tank is only $10.25! That’s a steal!

Interested in creating your own nerdy t-shirts? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-ts.com. If you have a good idea, we want to be a part of it! (We’d like to wear them, too).

Check in every Tuesday for our celebrity-inspired tees. Maybe we’ll have more sci fi-influenced tees in the future.


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