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Online Contest Winner: Congratulations Lora Manzo

Our Online Contest Winner

In March, AMBRO Manufacturing ran a ratty old t-shirt online contest. Of all the entrants, Lora Manzo was the winner with her “Eat Army” tee. What was the contest? Submit a picture of yourself in your oldest, rattiest t-shirt. Have your peers vote for the best ratty t-shirt that deserves to be remade into new ones—one for you and 12 for friends!

Lora was the individual who received the most votes for her tee! Now we’re going to take you through the process of creating Lora’s tees—all 13 of them!

Eat Army

First, we had Lora drop off her shirt at our 6 King’s Court facility. It’s a vintage ringer tee, for sure! This original tee is a 100 percent cotton shirt that has a heat-applied graphic. Our route for this garment was digital.

We ordered 13 new ringer tees for Lora and friends and then we got started on the artwork.

Our artist, Erik, recreated the artwork from scratch and got as close as possible to the original design. You can see him working on it here—it’s amazing who exact he is!

just computer

Then, it’s time to print these shirts. We take them to our digital machine and have Mike ink them up. What we’re left with is a great new set of tees!

The goal? Lora will never have to worry about losing her favorite tee, as she’s got copies and copies to choose from (and friends who can wear them now, too).

P1060234 P1060235

Interested in having us recreate a t-shirt for you? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We’ll take a look at the art and recommend the best design option for your favorite tee.


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