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Poly Bag Custom Orders: Individual Plastic Bags For Your Order

For some jobs, it’s nice to have a professional look. That means folded neatly, steam cleaned and plastic garment bags. That’s why we offer a service to poly bag custom orders. Poly bagging is great for our contract screen printing orders. For an additional 35 cents per bag, you get a great, professional look for your customers when they open the box!



Labeled organization and heat-press sealed garments in bags. Impress your customers, or make it easy on your football team when distributing larger orders! Better than just placing your order in a plastic bag or box, poly bagging makes it obvious that you want to take care of your order.



Putting your order in custom poly bags is simple enough. Each t-shirt is placed in a big bag, run through the heat press and the plastic ends are taken off.

Recently, we’ve invested in a poly bagging machine that will make our jobs even easier. It will also make our ability to offer professionally packaged t-shirts and clothing more prolific.

Interested in creating a custom order and getting a quote on poly bags? Email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com or call us at 908-806-8337! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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