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Rave Apparel: Sublimated T-Shirts

Rave Apparel

Maybe you’ve created a really trippy design that you want to show off. Or, you could have that perfect, bright, all-over printed shirt already and just need someone to remake it for you (there’s holes, there’s stains, you’ve worn it to death). Rave apparel might sound crazy, but when you get those crazy, bright tees that’s what you’re looking at: some super sleek rave apparel.

Rave Tee

Rave Apparel

Made on sleek polyester, these brightly colored tees are exactly what people are after when they want sublimated tees. Rave apparel is an extreme version of some of that Lisa Frank art you were into at age 8. And for guys? It’s brightly colored Ed Hardy with a trippy twist.

We can color match literally anything as long as you supply us with the color itself. What you give us will be exactly what prints—and that’s incredible! As bright as you want it, as detailed as you can get it, we’re here to sublimate your rave apparel with the keenest eye and utmost attention to detail. After all, when you go out in this we want you to stun people!

Sublimation is becoming a part of culture. These bright prints that appear all over both the t-shirts and the streets are really changing the way we see fashion. Fashion doesn’t have to be a suit or skirt—tees are fashion! And we absolutely love them.

If you’re looking for rave apparel in the form of sports bras, skirts, skorts or even leggings we’d be happy to discuss it with you! We’re always looking for new things to sublimate and new ideas.

Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com  if you’d like to get your own custom rave apparel! We can’t wait to help you with your cool, new look.