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Rocky T-Shirts: Celebrity Movie Tees

Rocky T-Shirts

There’s nothing better than getting movie t-shirts turned into a reality. Remember when Rocky donned this tee while training? Now you can live the same Rocky dream while at the gym! Below are our prices for these Rocky t-shirts that we’re so excited to share.

rock win


Looks like Rocky’s wearing a one hundred percent cotton tee that’s getting drenched in his go-the-distance sweat. We’ve rectified this issue by getting a more modern moisture-wicking tee from UltraClub. The one hundred percent polyester tee is only four ounces. So it’s a light fit with a lot of room to breathe.

Athletic, pill-resistant, comfortable—this will be your go-to workout tee (especially when you’re on the punching bag).

win rocky win

Your cost for twelve of these with screen printing? Our cost to you is $168.52 for a bundle of twelve, that’s $14.04 per shirt.

But don’t worry. If you’re only interested in one of these Win “Rocky” Win tees, your cost is $19.99. You can buy one for yourself or a friend online in our blog store!

We’re really proud of the look we’ve created here, but we want your opinion on it, too! Comment below and let us know what you think. Always pictured yourself in an alternate Rocky tee? Let us know which one and we’ll post a Rocky series on this celebrity t-shirt blog!

If you’re looking to order a whole slew of Rocky t-shirts, give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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