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Scented Shirts for Professionals

How Can Scented Shirts Be Professional?

Maybe professionalism isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of scented shirts. It’s a novelty. It’s fun. It’s a fad. So how on Earth can this be professional?

Standards for professionalism can change as rapidly as the weather. Jeans and a t-shirt is completely a-ok in the majority of New York City offices. Sneakers instead of work shoes. Black tee instead of black tie. Every industry is changing. White collar jobs with blue collar dress codes are the new future.

This new relaxed look is less intimidating to customers. It’s easier on the workers. It’s comforting. But it can also look lazy.

That’s why, today, professionalism needs to be mixed with creativity to reach the largest audience possible. One venue that’s perfect for such a showcase is the way professionals dress—and everything that goes along with it!

Scented Shirts

Scented Shirts

But how do you market this new look besides showing up to work every day in a scented shirt?

Conventions. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re where your start up will get noticed by other professionals. Sell them to potential customers  (after all, scent is the biggest trigger of memory) and get noticed! They’ll remember you for your originality and creativity.

This type of marketing works well with flower shops, breweries, chocolate shops, perfume vendors, bakers, restaurants and so many other industries! You just need to get creative and get a campaign together.

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Don’t be afraid to take your work clothes in a new direction. Be the brand that stands out in your neighborhood, city or state! By taking risks like this, you’re opening up doors and getting people talking. And getting people talking is always the hardest part.

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