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Scratch and Sniff T Shirt

Scratch and Sniff T Shirt

I know that you probably think that this blog post is a joke, but I can assure you, we now offer scratch and sniff t shirts.  Using a specialized ink additive, we can now create your special desing in true scratch and sniff t shirt style.  BTW, you don’t actually have to scratch them.  The have a scent all of the time 🙂

We offer a set range of stock scents including, but not limited to: Apple, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Bacon, Leather and Candy Cane.  If those scratch and sniff t shirt scents don’t tickle your fancy, then we’ll talk to our mad scientist friend over at Durascent labs and have the team whip you up a custom flavor!

Scratch and Sniff T Shirt

If you are looking for something new and exciting, you may want to consider our new scratch and sniff t shirt technology.  The standard scratch and sniff t shirt scent will last for up to 30 washings, after that, the design will stay in place but the scent will fade.  These scratch and sniff t shirts are a great novelty item item, a definite gag gift and in a corporate setting, these can be powerful marketing tools.

Imagine if you are Oscar Meyer and you are doing a bacon campaign!   Or you are Mrs. Smiths and you want to promote your new line of chocolate chip cookies by having scratch and sniff t shirts that smell like chocolate chip cookies.

If you are interested in scented t shirts, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.

Available Scent List

Angel Dust  (Sweet floral musk vanilla)
Frankincense & Myrrh  (Sweet woody musky) Orange Flower  (Sweet orange flower)
Angel Feathers  (Sweet fresh clean floral musk) French Market  (Sweet floral tuberose gardenia) Oriental Dreams  (Sweet spicy amber musk)
Angel Mint  (Strong sweet musky mint) Fresh & Clean  (Citrus marine floral musk) Oriental Musk  (Sweet amber woody floral musk)
Angel Wings  (Sweet floral musk amber) Gingerbread Man  (Spicy gingerbread) Patchouly Incense  (Sweet woody musky incense)
Apple Pie  (Sweet cinnamon apple pie crust) Granny’s Kitchen  (Cinnamon spice) Peanut Butter Cookie (Strong sweet nutty)
Apple  (Red Delicious peel type) Green Apple  (Fresh green herbal apple) Peony  (Heavy sharp woody jasmin floral)
Apple  (Red Delicious type) Hazelnut Coffee  (Strong hazelnut coffee) Pink Lilac  (Musky lilac)
April Fresh  (Fresh linen fresh air) Hazelnut Cream  (Powerful sweet maple nut) Plumeria  (Strong fruity green floral)
Baby Bedtime  (Sweet heliotrope rose baby powder) Heather Hyacinth  (Strong green spicy floral) Primrose  (Dry woody rose floral)
Baby Magic Type  (Rose baby powder) Heather  (Sweet woody herbaceous floral) Pumpkin Spice  (Sweet spicy vanilla pumpkin)
Baby Powder  (Sweet powdery aldehydic) Holiday Memories    (Orange cinnamon) Rain Forest  (Sweet herbaceous piney forest)
Bird of Paradise (Sweet vanilla strawberry coconut) Holiday Spirit  (Apple pear musk) Rain Fresh  (Strong fresh citrus woody floral)
Briarwood  (Woody sweet Patchouli floral) Icicle-Angel Feathers  (Sweet fresh clean floral musk) Raspberry (Strong sweet fruity berry – sunripened)
Café au Lait  (Coffee & cream) Indonesian Teak  (Sweet powdery woody) Red Currant  (Strong citrus fruity currant)
Café au Lait  (Strong creamy coffee) Island Breeze  (Citrus fresh air linen) Rocky Road  (Sweet chocolate nutty vanilla)
Candy Cane  (Vanilla peppermint) J&J Type Baby Powder  (Sweet powdery floral) Root Beer  (Strong sweet root beer)
Cedar  (Cedarwood) Jasmin  (Heavy sweet creamy jasmin) Rose Raspberry  (Fruity rose raspberry)
China Rain  (Floral musk hyacinth muguet) Kaluha Café au Lait  (Chocolate coffee cream) Sandalwood Vanilla  (Sweet dry woody sandal.)
Chocolate Cherries  (Rich chocolate cherry) Lavender Fields  (Sweet rich lavender) Sea Breeze  (Sweet citrus fresh seashore)
Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Sweet chocolate cookie) Lemon Spice  (Cinnamon clove spicy lemon) Snicker Doodle  (Sweet vanilla spicy cookie)
Chocolate  (Strong rich sweet milk chocolate) Lemongrass  (Strong heavy sweet grassy lemon) Snicker’s Bar  (Chocolate caramel peanuts)
Christmas Cookie  (Sweet sugary nutty cookie) Lilac  (Sweet warm lilac floral) Spring Rain  (Fresh clean citrus sl. rosy floral)
Christmas Memories  (Sweet orange spicy) Lily of the Valley (Heavy sweet green lily muguet) Strawberry  (Sweet rich heavy strawberry seed)
Cinnamon Velvet  (Sweet spicy cinnamon) Linen  (Fresh clean warm linen floral) Sugar Cookie (Sweet creamy sugar vanilla)
Citrus Bergamot  (Citrus woody musk) Linen  (Sweet clean fruity warm linen) Sweetgrass  (Heavy sweet woody herbaceous)
Clove   (Sweet spicy clove) Lotus Blossom  (Sweet floral rose lilac) Sweetheart Candy  (Sweet vanilla spicy floral)
Cocoa  (Cocoa chocolate) Madagascar  (Exotic fruits & flowers, cinn. spice) Sweetpea  (Floral sweetpea magnolia honeysuckle)
Cookie Dough  (Very sweet vanilla cookie dough) Magic of India  (Amber floral Patchouly musk) Tobacco  (Sweet pipe tobacco)
Crystal Water  (Fresh clean watery floral) Morning Glory  (Strong sweet spicy green floral) Tropical Fantasie (Green melon tropical floral)
Currant  (Amber fruity currant) Mountain Green  (Green piney herbaceous) Tuberose  (Floral tuberose jasmin muguet)
Cut Grass  (Powerful penetrating green grass) Muscadine  (Strong grape mulberry) Vanilla Bean  (Spicy vanilla extract)
Dark Musk  (Sweet amber woody musk) Muscadine  (Strong sweet grapy fruity) Victorian Christmas  (Sweet fruity woody floral)
Desert Rose  (Dry sweet spicy rose) Musk  (Strong rich woody herbaceous musky) Victorian Rose  (Strong green spicy rose)
Desert Sage  (Sweet woody herbaceous sage) Musk  (Sweet woody powdery musk) Water Lily  (Sweet lily rose floral)
Dragons Blood  (Sweet citrus woody amber) Myrrh  (Heavy sweet musky woody) White Christmas  (Fresh herbaceous floral)
Earth  (Just like dirt) Nag Champa   (Sweet woody powder floral incense) White Ginger  (Sweet spicy ginger)
Fireplace  (Smokey woody fireplace) Narcissus  (Heavy woody narcissus floral) White Lily  (White floral lily)
Flower Shop  (Green rose jasmin hyacinth) Oakmoss  (Green earthy oakmoss – green color) Wintergreen  (Strong sweet wintergreen mint)
Frangipani  (Woody floral honeysuckle lily) Ocean Breeze  (Heavy ocean muguet floral) Ylang  (Strong sweet spicy ylang floral)