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Sneakers Plus Flemington

Sneakers Plus Flemington

Sneakers Plus is a local shoe store in Flemington, NJ that specializes in athletic footwear. The store has been in business for over 20 years and is family owned and operated. Sneakers Plus carries all the major brands of sneakers, running shoes, and cleats. They also have a wide selection of apparel and accessories to complete your look.

Recently Sneakers Plus has been advertising embroidery and screen printing services. While you could choose to go to a sneaker store to get your embroidery and screen printing done, wouldn’t you rather go to a company that only specializes in screen printing and embroidery?

Let me give you an example. Would you go to your auto mechanic who “also” did surgery in the back room to fix a medical problem?

Would you go to a pet store that “also” baked muffins in the back if you wanted to get some fresh baked goods?

It’s likely that these ideas sound ridiculous to you, so then why would you go to a sneaker store, that “also” offers screen printing and embroidery services?

It has been our experience that most of the customization services that Sneakers Plus offers are either brokered by them (meaning someone else does it, and they resell it), or they are offering digital print services and heat applied transfer services.

While we can’t speculate on the quality of what Sneakers Plus produces, we can say that generally, digitally printed goods, do not hold up as long and wear as well as screen printed goods. Digitally printed goods tend to fade over time and simply just don’t have the same regal look as traditional screen printing.

If you want sneakers, then Sneakers Plus is a great place to go. If you are interested in custom uniforms, screen printing, embroidery, knitting and a wide range of other custom decoration products, then you may want to consider AMBRO Manufacturing, also in Flemington (Pictured Above). With 30+ years of garment decorating experience, we focus on what we do best, garment decoration.

There is no “also” here, we are simply experts in screen printing, embroidery and knitting.

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