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Social Media Project – Getting the brand out there.

Social Media Project – Getting the brand out there.

Greetings AMBRO-sians (see that is what citizens of a AMBRO Manufacturing country would be called, or does AMBRO-ites work better?)!

Not too long ago (stardate, last week sometime), VP of Sales – Darren and Company Founder – Bob sat down with me to discuss what we want to do with our presence on the web. To recap we have several websites: special-ts.com, wearbright.com, teamchampionstore.com, and customstoreonline.com, plus a few new sites opening before the end of QT1, 2013.

To help promote and improve visibility for all these sites, we need to develop content either through the use of blog posts, facebook, twitter and business listing sites, like manta.com. Sounds simple, but each one of these sites has different target audiences, so one blog post for special-ts.com might not apply to fans of our customstoreonline.com customers.

So what is the plan? Do I lock myself in the server room trying to author new content while Falco’s Rock Me Amadus plays on a loop via my Windows 7 Phone speaker (that’s right, no iPhone here)? Or do I ask for crowdsourced content? What is crowdsourcing Ed? Do I have to meet a bunch of people at a Best Buy and at a certain time we all whip off our overcoats and Gangnam Style on the showroom floor? No crowdsourcing, is where several individuals contribute something to a larger project.

So here is what I am going to ask of you, loyal blog reader, send in your idea’s, stories, events, experiences and just about anything that might be of interest to the general clothes wearing public, and if we publish it on any of our blogs, social media posts or anywhere, I will send you one of our mystery boxes….

So, save me from listening to more 1980’s music about classic composers by emailing me some good, crunchy content to: ed @ special-ts.com. Please before I start trending towards George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars……