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AMBRO Manufacturing: Special T’s, Face-to-Face Customer Service

It’s easy to go online and drop some cash when it comes to ordering screen printing goods. But you’re not completely sure of the quality you’re getting, orders get easily confused and no matter how convenient it might be, you’re missing that personal factor. One of the great things about AMBRO Manufacturing is that we’re not just a warehouse, we’re a retail store.


Come on and in to Special T’s and get great face-to-face customer service from one of the fifteen individuals who works here. Get to know us and our products.


Don’t take a chance on ordering garments when you don’t know how they really look and feel. When you get a garment customized, you shouldn’t just be worrying about the design.



And we’re here to hold your hand through the process. We’ll quote you prices and recommend the best garment for whatever your need. Our customers ranges from high schools, to business, to sports teams, to individuals buying presents—and we know that you aren’t all out searching for the same type of product!

Located at 6 Kings Court in Flemington, we’re easy to reach off of route 31 in New Jersey. Don’t leave it up to online descriptions, come in and see for yourself.



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