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Spotlight: Embroidery at AMBRO Manufacturing

Embroidered designs are something special at AMBRO. The embroidery room is a loud, busy place with 19 embroidery heads constantly drilling into fabric to create custom designs and logos.

It’s also very colorful.



When you sit down with us to create a custom embroidered design, you’re paying per stitch. It might sound surprising, but even the simplest embroidery is around 4,000 stitches. And this is the machine that does it.



The first step is to choose your design and color. For embroidering, unlike screen printing, you don’t pay more for adding more colors. With embroidering, you can make your designs as bright and vibrant as you like without any additional expense.

So, choose your colors.



Next we take your design and digitize it. We put it into the computer and design the most efficient, high-quality design. Remember, fewer stitches gets you more bang for your buck!

Here’s an example of a simple digitized design.


And here is the master control for those in charge of embroidery.

The computer tells the needle head what to do and the platform underneath when to move. All of these elements need to work completely in sync to create a flawless product.



But just in case, there is an emergency stop!



The machine does one color at a time, winding up with some cool images halfway through the process.



The final products are cut, steamed and shipped off to happy homes. And we take pride in each garment embroidered in our facility.



But you can’t forget the human element! We have three wonderful ladies (Marily, Rodica and Daysi) responsible for threading the machines, inserting the designs, hooping the garments, cutting the swatches, picking the thread, steaming the products and folding them up nice and neat before shipment.

Five minutes isn’t enough notice to give a girl when you want to take her picture, so they respectfully declined a photo shoot. But we are very appreciative of all of the hard work they do here at AMBRO.

If you’re interested in seeing more of our work, or if you’d like to place an order, you can email Serena at Sales@special-ts.com or give us a call at 908-806-8337.