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Sublimated Sports Bras: Complete Customization

Sublimated Sports Bras

It might not be the first garment that comes to mind when you’re thinking of sublimated items, but sublimated sports bras are just as cool. A great gift to dance, gymnastics, swim or track team members, sublimated sports bras can be as funky as you want them to be! Get crazy, but throw over a loose white see-through tank for a really understated look (or as understated as you want).

sublimated bras

Sublimated Sports Bras

Sublimation is a heat transfer process. Heating up the ink forces it into the fabric of the garment, creating vibrant colors and great images that are actually inside of the fabric! Sublimation wears very well, doesn’t fade and holds up for our tougher clients (tough mudders, swimmers, football players—they all choose sublimation).

While sublimation can be done on cotton and 50/50 blends, 100 percent white polyester is what looks the best.

Sports bras are an interesting challenge because of the way the fabric lays, but if you give us a white sports bra we can turn it into something truly special. Whether you want to commemorate a great meet, a great season or a great team, sublimated sports bras are a fun and different garment that you can really go crazy with!

Interested in placing an order on these sublimated goods? Have another wacky idea you want to give a try? We might be crazy enough to try it!

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