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T-Shirt Craft Ideas: What to Do With Your Favorite Tee When You Can’t Wear It Anymore

No matter how well we take care of our old t-shirts, sometimes you can’t help but lose them to age. It could be the holes, the 30-year-old faded screen print, the fact it just doesn’t fit or simply another thing your kid ended up ruining. Whatever it is that go you in this predicament, AMBRO Manufacturing is here with some t-shirt craft ideas that will save your old t-shirt from the garbage.

1. T-Shirt Quilt

Quilting is a great hobby to have. Whether you’re using blocks of fabric or crocheted squares. But t-shirts are another wonderful option that have gotten more and more popular as of recently!

Cut around the screen printed design of the old tees you’ve outgrown. Create squares either 10″ X 10″ or 12″ X 12″. If you have at least nine old tees, that’s a baby blanket! More? A coach blanket!

Mix and match these old designs with your current style. It’s  great tribute to who you are, who you were and the things you love.

2. Create T-Shirt Yarn

It sounds more difficult than it is. Creating t-shirt yarn is a great way to get use out of your old tee! Designs with lots of color and screen printing will provide a nice texture and depth to the yarn.

Cut across the width of your t-shirt to make yarn you can ball up like the kind pictured above.

3. Padded Fabric T-Shirt Coasters

Nothing soaks up water better than a 100 percent cotton tee. Okay, maybe that’s not true. But you know it can, and it won’t get destroyed!

For those favorite left-chest t-shirt designs, padded fabric t-shirt coasters are an excellent choice to create. Simply cut out the design (or whatever piece of it you want) and layer it with other same-dimension pieces of that tee. Sew the ends and you’ve got a great conversation starter on your coffee table.

Courtesy of SpinCushion.com

4. New Fashion T-Shirts

Hole in the arm of your shirt? Stain  on the back? No problem. Cut that thing up and make yourself a more fashionable piece of clothing!

Holes are cool. Rip up the sleeves for an “I-Don’t-Care” look and turn it into a crop top to wear with a skirt. Old t-shirts make great fashion statements. They also make great workout shirts! There are so many options.

5. T-Shirt Banner Decoration

Similar to creating a quilt, there’s nothing better than hoisting up high exactly who you are. That’s why flags, banners and posters are all so great.

Well, you can create your own flag or banner with your old t-shirt! Cut it into a square. Put it up on a pole or tie some string and create something to hang proudly in your room!

Not a crafty person? Well, how about enter our ratty old t-shirt contest? Submit your favorite distressed tee and get in the running to win  that tee remade 13 times! One for you and 12 for friends and family. Enter here.

Have your own t-shirt craft ideas? Let us know by posting to us on Facebook or Twitter! We’re excited to see what you guys come up with.


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