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Font Types: Typesetting and Fonts at AMBRO Manufacturing

All About Font Types Talking about font types might sound boring, but often that’s the thing that separates a good logo from a great one. Take a look at some of your favorite logos. I bet it’s not always those complicated designs that put you over the edge—a lot of the time, it’s simply the…
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Scented Shirts for Professionals

How Can Scented Shirts Be Professional? Maybe professionalism isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of scented shirts. It’s a novelty. It’s fun. It’s a fad. So how on Earth can this be professional? Standards for professionalism can change as rapidly as the weather. Jeans and a t-shirt is completely a-ok…
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Custom Tote Bags From AMBRO Manufacturing

Plain Bags Vs. Custom Tote Bags There’s nothing more boring than a plain, canvas tote with absolutely nothing on it. No personality, no pop. That’s why custom tote bags from AMBRO Manufacturing are a great idea for almost all gift possibilities. Monogram, custom embroidery, name embellishment—we’ve got the capabilities and the know-how to give you…
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Scented Shirts Available for Custom Wholesale T-Shirts

Scented Shirts and Contract Screen Printing Scratch and sniff stickers, scented markers, fragrance emitters in the coffee aisle at shop rite—we’ve all seen these before. They’re great, because scent is an important yet underrated sense. But we’ve come one step further in our need for scents in our daily life. Now, we have scented shirts.…
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Custom Printed Hats: Back of Hat Design Placement

Custom Printed Hats If you’re thinking of a look that you’re sure hasn’t been done before, check with us first! No matter how hard it might seem, we’ve done a variety of jobs that include interesting design placement. For an example, check out these custom screen printed hats from AMBRO with back-of-hat design placement. Screen…
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