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Tee Shirt Fashion: Bella + Canvas

Tee Shirt Fashion Does Exist

And it starts with high quality garments. One of the hipper brands we carry here at AMBRO Manufacturing is Bella + Canvas. They have a full line brimming with tee shirt fashion, and we want to share it with you! Below are just some highlights from the 2014 catalogue that we’re very excited about.



Boxy tanks are in this season as are midriffs, high-waisted pants and lacy tops. This is a great find from Bella + Canvas that’s been popular among teens, tweens and twenty-somethings.

When it comes to tee shirt fashion, you have to remember that keeping it casual is the biggest part of it. Stay relaxed and don’t kill yourself getting dressed—let these tees do the work for you. (Okay, you’ll probably still have to do your hair and choose a pair of pants).

Looking for something for the guys? Bella + Canvas has some great heathered poly/cotton blends—just take a look at the triblend v-neck below!



The first step of tee shirt fashion is all about comfort, but the second is possibly even more important: the style.

While family vacation tees or softball shirts might not be at the height of fashion, we have plenty of customers who are looking for just that (and who knows, maybe they’re concerned, too). Whether we’re supplying to retail vendors, bachelorette parties or dance studios, we’re out to make the best product possible that will make people stop and smile.


Tee Shirt Fashion

Our work is screen printing, and we don’t want that to get lost in these t-shirts! Half of what makes a fashion tee shirt a fashion tee shirt is the design we’re responsible for.

Interested in ordering some Bella + Canvas or any other brand you think says “tee shirt fashion?” Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com.


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