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Tie Dye Hoodies and Cool Tie Dye Designs

Tie Dye Hoodies and Cool Tie Dye Designs—So Many Options For a Colorful Look at AMBRO

Tie dye hoodies don’t just belong in the ’70s anymore. With a plethora of cool tie dye designs, you can pick and choose a colorful hoody to match whatever logo you’re interested in printing. Go crazy colorful with a multi-color design on a multi-color shirt, or have the shirt stand out with your custom logo as the foreground to a cool design.

tie dye hoodies

Tie Dye Hoodies


Have us emphasize the tie dye look with a custom design that accentuates the detail instead of simply printing over it.

tie dye hoodies_blue


Tie Dye Hoodies—Never the Same One Twice

While no two tie dye hoodies are exactly alike, we can create a uniform design that plays with the curves of the tie dye! While everyone is getting the same product, there is an extra level of customization built right into the design! Remember that yours the one with that extra splash of purple, or that cool extra curve on the bottom.

Tie dye hoodies and tees are great gifts for students and campers. The colors are bright and fun and youth sizes are available. There are even cool tie dye designs such as paw print tees, pink ribbon tees, shirts with only a right side tie dye print and even patriotic tie dye designs! There are so many designs to choose from our catalogue.

tie dye t-shirts wholesale

Interested in getting a quote on some tie dye hoodies and sweatshirts? How about t-shirts or a custom, cool tie dye design that fits to the contours of the tie dye? Give us a call at 908-806-8337 or email us at Sales@Special-Ts.com. We can’t wait to help you design your custom tie dye look!



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