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3 Unique Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

If you’ve been searching for some unique ways to raise money for your middle school, we have a treat for you! We’ve compiled 3 unique and fresh middle school fundraising ideas that can really move the needle on your fundraising efforts.

Stadium Blanket Fundraiser

A stadium blanket fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your middle school. This type of fundraiser allows you to sell stadium blankets with the schools logo that can be used at sporting events. You can also use these blankets as a way to raise money for other school activities.

Custom printed stadium blankets are unique, and unique means that they create a buzz. Let’s face it, how many pizza kits, grocery store coupons, chocolate bars and wrapping paper fundraisers can you do, before your audience of potential buyers just gets tired of it. They are clamoring for something new, and I know you are too!

Our stadium blanket fundraiser gives you the opportunity to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars, selling a life long memento. Everyone wants an extra blanket around. Now imagine your extra blanket being a school logo blanket. Unless the blanket gets damaged, the person who buys it, is going to have it for the rest of their life. That’s a big selling point!

Most fundraisers rely on a captive audience of parents, grandparents and teachers to earn money. And, that works. But that’s just a bare bones minimum. If you want to thrive in your school fundraiser, then a cool and unique product that sells like hot cakes, is what you need.

The biggest and most impressive thing about our stadium blanket fundraisers, besides how amazing they look, is that you set the earning potential. You get to decide how much fundraising you earn on each sale, not us!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your stadium blanket fundraiser today!

Online School Fundraising Store

One of the fastest growing school fundraising programs is the online school fundraising store. School fundraisers love it because it’s so easy to setup, and it allows for a nice range of products in the program. Not to mention … it’s self serve!!

Think of our online school store, like your very own virtual spirit shop. The only differences is that it’s online and your fundraising program earns money on each sale.

All of our customers love the online fundraising store because they don’t have to do much work. The only work involved with the online store program is to promote the link. We do the rest!

The 4 step setup process is simple…

Step 1. – Select the 5 items that you want in your fundraising store

Step 2. – Tell us how much profit you want to earn for each item sold

Step 3. – Give us 1 week to build the store

Step 4. – Promote the link for the store using email, social media and school announcements etc.

That’s it. We will process the orders and ship them to the homes of the buyers. At the end of the fundraising campaign, we’ll write a check and mail it to you and that’s it!

Our online store fundraising program is like having your own mini amazon but with fundraising!

Bandana Fundraiser

This is one of our all time favorite school fundraisers. Having custom bandanas made is easier than you might think and they are very profitable fundraisers.

Custom school bandanas have so many uses. School bandanas can be used as flags, spirit towels, fashion accessories, face coverings and seat covers. One of the most attractive things about doing a bandana fundraiser is the price point. Most schools can fundraise with their bandanas at $20.00 and be earning a 300% fundraising profit!

Bandanas are the ultimate “cash and carry” fundraising program. They are affordable enough that you can pre-buy them and sell them out of your school spirit store, snack shack or by hawking them at a game.

We even offer bandana templates to give you a head start on your design. If you want us to design it, no problem, we’re happy to design your fundraising bandana from scratch. Of course it will have your school mascot, logo and colors as part of the finished product.

How Do I Get Started With School Fundraising?

It’s easy, give us a call (908) 806-8337 or connect with us through our customer contact form. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.