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Stadium Seat Cushions

Stadium Seat Cushions

AMBRO Manufacturing offers premium Stadium Seat Cushions for stadium sports games. If you’ve ever attended a sporting event with metal bleachers as the only seating option, have we got a treat for you!  Stadium Seats Bleachers are not the most comfortable seating arrangements by far.  Thick stadium seat cushions are great, but don’t always offer the best comfort either. Our stadium cushions with back support and arms free area are suspended from the hard, cold metal bleachers and offer the best support and comfort available. These custom stadium seats fold for transport and storage and are light weight and easy to carry to and from events.

Stadium Seats Portable

Our stadium seats are not only comfortable, they are portable. With an easy to use shoulder strap, you can sling this light weight, yet extremely durable stadium seat over your shoulder and head off to the game.

Stadium Seats Padded

Stadium Seats Padded

Once you arrive at the game, you can easily setup your comfortable and padded stadium seat. There is a safety hook on the front to keep you from tipping backwards and the seat is webbed from below so that you can stay off the bleachers.

Stadium Seats Bleachers

Stadium Seats Bleachers

Our stadium seats for bleachers come in a variety of different colors. Each stadium seat can be personalized with a logo, name or both! Our stadium seats fold for easy storage and are light enough to carry easily.


Seat cushions for stadium events, easy fold and transport and customization options.

Your search for the perfect stadium cushions is over, you’ve found them. With an extra wide base, comfortable suspension seating and a light weight folding design, you can’t go wrong with this stadium seat cushion.


You can choose to purchase your customized stadium seat blank, or you can ask us to customize the front or back of the chair with your: Team Name, Player Name, Player Number, Logo or Other Graphic!


Since the front of the chair can be obscured when you are sitting in it, we also offer a fully customized back for our custom stadium seat cushions. Chose any number of graphics, words, slogans, brand tag lines or other text to adorn the back of your custom stadium seat.

Customized Stadium Seats

Bob talks about our stadium seat cushions.

With so many options to choose from, let Bob tell you about the difference between our stadium seat cushions and the other options out there.

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You really can’t go wrong with our seat cushions. They are high quality, light weight and durable stadium cushions. They fold, are easily portable to and from events and stowe away without taking up too much space. We offer them in 5 colors and with personalization options.

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